SKY Index Pro v6.0 SP5

This service pack addresses several issues that appeared after the release of the program. These issues are listed below. All SKY Index Professional version 6.0 owners should download and install this service pack.

You must have already installed SKY Index Professional v6.0 (with or without any previous Service Packs) in order to install this service pack.

Download Instructions for SKY Index Professional v6.0 SP5

Download the file SKYIndexPro_v6_SP5_Updater.exe to the folder of your choice on your computer. After downloading double click the SKYIndexPro_v6_SP5_Updater icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the service pack.

Please save this service pack on your hard drive in case you should need to reinstall it again at a future date.

To download Service Pack 5 choose one of the download sites below. The size of the download is approximately 1.1MB.

Click to Download

Issues Fixed in Service Pack 5