SKY Index Std. Edition v5.1 SP2

This service pack addresses a compatibility issue with the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. It also fixes several other issues listed below.

Note: You must have already installed SKY Index v5.1 in order to install this service pack.


Create a Folder on your computer into which you wish to place the Service Pack. Download the Service Pack using the link below into the folder you created. After downloading, double click the si51sp2 icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the service pack.

Note: We recommend that you copy this file to a floppy in case you should need to apply it again sometime in the future.

To download Service Pack 2 now click here.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 2

  • Under Windows XP, if an ATI video board is installed, SKY Index would malfunction. This service pack includes a workaround patch for the issue caused by the ATI video board driver.

  • The backup function no longer compresses the backup file. It now simply copies the file to the destination.

  • After installation, some users may receive the error message “Type Mismatch”. That error does not recur after subsequent openings of the program. This problem has been fixed.

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