Addins and Tools for SKY Index Professional

Starting with service pack 5 of SKY Index Professional v7.0, SKY Index contains a programmer's API that allows third party programmers to write addin programs for SKY Index. Addins allow SKY Index's functionality to be extended by third party programmers. For those of you who have some programming experience, it even allows you to extend SKY Index's functionality using Visual Basic for Applications (which comes with MS Word). This means that SKY Index can now be programmed to do just about any function that an indexer might want. For any developers interested in writing an addin, please visit the developer webpage.

When an addin is added, it will appear on a SKY Index menu and will contain a keyboard shortcut if the addin developer specifies one. It will seem that these addins are part of SKY Index when you are using them.

Currently, addins are available from these sources:

John Bealle


Name Inverter (Current Cell)

Name Inverter is a simple name inverter for Sky index that operates on the text of the current cell. To use the function, move the marquee to a cell with name text and activate the function. It will modify the name in the cell from inverted-to-uninverted or uninverted-to-inverted form, depending on the content of the cell.


Batch Name Inverter The Batch Name Inverter operates on the Main field of all of the records in the current group. Users must group names and locate them in the Main field to get proper program results. To run the program, select an Action from the dropdown box and click Go.


Cross Reference and Heading Analyzer

This program analyzes a Sky index and suggests four types of changes, as illustrated in the example below.

  • consume subheadings suggestions — suggested when an entry has subheadings and fewer total locators than the threshold locators number
  • double post suggestions — suggested when a cross reference target has fewer total locators than the threshold locators number
  • primary reciprocal cross reference suggestion — suggested when a see also cross reference is unreciprocated
  • secondary reciprocal cross reference suggestion — suggested when a chain of two see also cross references (reference of a reference) is unreciprocated


Project Progress Monitor This program uses Sky record data to measure progress towards a deadline. It reports the number of records created and the number of pages indexed for each day on a project. Additionally, the user-supplied data for the total number of pages and index deadline, the program computes the pace (pages per day) needed to make the deadline.


Term Switch Changing the wording of a Main heading in Sky is often complicated by two issues: the presence of parenthetical gloss after the term in Main and the presence of cross references from other headings. Term Switch provides simple search and replace functionality that replaces heading text in Main, replaces cross reference text in corresponding cross references, and manages parenthetical gloss in both searched and replaced terms.


Regular Expressions Power Search Power Search provides search-and-replace functionality that uses Windows Regular Expressions modules. This program should be used by advanced users only.

SKY Software (coming soon)

Third Party Tools

Solid Knot -



Increase productivity when working with Docbook XML and HTMLBook embedded formats. XTUL allows you to use SKY Index to create and edit your index all at once, embedding the entries into the source files as valid XML and HTML markup without touching the source code.

Ordering Information

To order, please click one of the addin sources above and follow the appropriate link to their ordering page.

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