The SKY Index 8.0 Public Preview is Now Available!

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A limited time public preview of SKY Index Pro 8.0 is coming soon. The public preview will be a fully functional program allowing you to try all of the program's features at no cost. We currently anticipate that the preview will become available in March of 2017, but it may not appear until April. Please bookmark this this web page and visit it from time-to-time so that you don't miss out on this limited time opportunity. You can also follow us on Twitter (there is a link on the left hand side of this page to follow us) to be notified of the preview's availability.

Why are we making the program available as a public preview?

We will be releasing SKY Index Pro 8.0 as a public preview for several reasons:


What's new in SKY Index Professional 8.0?

To learn what's new in SKY Index Professional 8.0 and system requirements, click here.

Are there any strings attached?

The short answer is no. However, we would certainly appreciate it if you would take the time to send us feedback and to report any problems you may encounter. You'll see a dialog each time you start the program that has buttons for sending us feature suggestions, bug reports or general comments. You can also send us feedback by choosing Help>Give us feedback.

How long will the preview last?

It will last at least a month but may be extended if we feel that additional time would benefit the program.

Can I use the public preview for paid work?

Yes. However, keep in mind that this is a pre-release program. We recommend that you use the public preview only for testing the program's features and for determining the program's usefulness for your own needs.