NoteFiler Support Options

NoteFiler users may receive free support through our support forums. All support, with the exception of installation issues, is handled through these forums.

What kind of problem are you having?

I can't figure out how to do something

If there is something you'd like to do, but you can't figure out how to do it. Please try these things:

Use your program's built-in help system If the question is related to a particular dialog of your program and there is a yellow question mark at the top right of that dialog, click that question mark or press F1 on your keyboard. Depending on how your program is configured, you'll either get a help screen related to that dialog or the User's Guide will open with the current page set to the section of the manual that deals with that dialog.
Search our online forums for an answer Click the link below to search the NoteFiler forums.
Note: You must have an account to search and you'll be asked to log in. If you don't have an account, there will be a link for creating one. After you've created the account, try clicking the appropriate link again. Search the NoteFiler Forums
Create a query in a forum to ask for help Click the link below to search the NoteFiler forums.
Note: You must have an account to search and you'll be asked to log in. If you don't have an account, there will be a link for creating one. After you've created the account, try clicking the appropriate link again. Search the NoteFiler Forums

I think my program has malfunctioning and I'd like to report a problem

If your program has malfunctioned or you think  it may have malfunctioned, please create a Problem Report through the appropriate SKY Software Support System. You must have already created a user account to do this. If you have not created a user account, see "How do I create an account?" below.

To report the problem, please do the following:

  1. Login to the support website: NoteFiler Support Website
  2. Click the 'Feedback' button at the top of the web page.
  3. Click 'Submit or search for a report'.
  4. See if your problem has already been reported by using the Search function.
  5. If your problem has not already been reported, create a new report by clicking 'Create a New Report'.
  6. Fill in the required information and click 'Submit'

We generally respond to reports within one business day, but it does sometimes take longer.

I'm having trouble installing NoteFiler

If you are having difficulty installing NoteFile on your computer, you can contact us at Please be sure to tell us what the difficulty is and include any error messages you might have received.

The NoteFiler Support Forums

What are the NoteFiler Support Forums?

The NoteFiler Support Forums (NSF) are forums that provide two services. The first is a feedback system that allows you to report problems you may encounter while using your program. This might be a simple documentation error or a malfunction of the program. The second is a collection of forums where NoteFiler users can ask questions in an effort to better understand how the program works or how to acheive a particular goal. It is also a place where customers can make feature suggestions for future releases of the program. The forums can be searched and there is already a significant wealth of information available and more information is being added all the time.

We highly recommend that you create a NSF account because it is a great way to learn about NoteFiler and to share your own expertise.

How do I create an account?

To create an account, click the link below.

In the resulting web page, click the Login button which will lead to a page that will allow you to create a new account. Creation of the account requires validation of your email address and we may also require a moderator’s approval.

How do I ask a question?

To ask a question, login to your account and then click on the Forums link at the top of the web page. Then click on the Forums Map link, choose the forum that most closely matches the nature of your question and then, after searching the forum to make sure the question has not already been answered, click on the Submit a Query to this forum button.

Who do I contact if I have a problem creating an account?

If you have a problem creating your account, please write to and be sure to include a detailed description of the problem you are having.

Report a Problem (NoteFiler Support Forums)

Our new NoteFiler Support Forums (NSF) is the preferred method for getting support for your program. There are many advantages to using this system and here are a few of them:

Because all customer feedback is stored in this system, it is very possible that a solution to your problem already exists. If so, you'll save yourself the time of having to write-up a problem report.

Your can vote on existing problem reports to let us know that you also are experiencing a particular problem.

You can add a comment to an existing report allowing you to add useful information that may help us track down problems that are difficult to reproduce.

If a solution is posted for a report that you wrote or that you added a comment to, you will be notified automatically by email.

The NSF provides a repository of knowledge that becomes more and more useful as more customers make use of it.

How can I use the NoteFiler Support Forums?

Just visit our NSF website here:


The feedback system is intended to be used for problem reports (bugs). If you have questions on how to do something, first check your User's Guide and the program's help system for the answer. If that does not turn up an answer for you, please ask your question in one of the SKY Software user forums (see below).

The first time you use the system, you will need to create a user account so that we can send you notices when a solution or comment has been added to your report or if the report's status has changed.

Before you can submit a report, you will be required to search the existing reports to see if someone else has already reported the problem or feature request. If the report has not already been submitted, you can create a new report.

Discuss NoteFiler with other NoteFiler Users (NoteFiler Forums)

The SKY Software forums consists of an online community of NoteFiler owners. There are several categorized forums where questions can be asked. There are many knowledgeable NoteFiler users on this list and they are happy to assist new users who are just starting to get to know their NoteFiler software. For more information about the the SKY Software Forums and how to join, click here.