Video Tutorials

The following tutorials are intended to help introduce new indexers to some the more powerful features of SKY Index Professional v7.0 and to some of the less well known features that we think indexers should be aware of. We are just getting started, so additional tutorials will be added as time passes.

Important Note

These videos are high definition and that means  they have a rather large file size. There may be a significant pause between the time you click the link and the time the video starts to play. Please be patient.

NEW! - SKY Index Pro 8.0 Tutorial

This is a very basic getting started tutorial using SKY Index Professional 8.0 

      Watch Video   Watch the Video (15:00)

Core Editing Commands (a companion video for ISC's Spring 2015 Bulletin article)

This video is a companion to the article in ISC's Spring Bulletin that describes SKY Index's core editing commands. It allows you to see the examples presented in that article. It also provides some additional information so even if you've read the article, you'll still want to watch this video.

      Watch Video   Watch the Video (9:11)

Indexing Society of Canada presentation

This video was presented at the Indexing Society of Canada conference in June of 2013.

      Watch Video   Watch the ISC presentation MPEG (high quality but large) (11:38)

      Watch Video   Watch the ISC presentation WMV format lower quality, but smaller and streamable (11:38)

Edit View

Edit view is an exciting new way of editing your index in SKY Index. This tutorial describes why you should use Edit View and shows you the basics of editing an index using  this new editor.

      Watch Video   Watch the Edit View video tutorial   (3:11)

Consume Subheadings

This video shows you how to use the Consume Subheadings command and describes the circumstances under which it would be used.

      Watch Video    Watch the Consume Subheadings video tutorial   (1:15)

The Browse Pane

The Browse Pane is an ingenious way of browsing through your index that allows you to compare two sets of index entries side-by-side making it much easier to make the comparison. It allows you see the other index entries without losing your current place in the index or, at your discretion, you can make the browsed to entry the current entry.

      Watch Video   Watch the Browse Pane video tutorial   (3:17)

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