Ty's Unedited Testimonial

While I was still using another indexing program, my wife decided that she wanted to learn how to index, so I mentored her. The program I was using has a pretty steep learning curve, and she was having real trouble "getting" how it works. I decided that SKY Index would be much easier for her to learn, so I started using it in order to teach her.

After the initial adaptation I discovered that my speed in SI6 was at least equal to my previous speed, but somehow working in SKY Index was much less stressful. Part of that is the aesthetic beauty of the program, part is the excellent AutoComplete feature, but largely it's because the way that SKY Index works makes sense in a way that is lucid, elegant, and directly matched to the indexing process. This makes the work somehow more cerebral and less physical -- the program does more of the work and has a kind of intelligence of its own. It requires less keyboarding and less repetition in order to create and manipulate entries -- part of its cerebral quality, for lack of a better word. I had begun to develop a repetitive motion syndrome (carpal tunnel) and that disappeared with SKY Index. The way SKY Index works is actually kind of fun for me. Indexing is hard work, but using SKY Index is a pleasure.

Last but not least, Kamm has been amazingly responsive to my and others' requests for changes and improvements, in addition to which he is constantly considering the program and has come up with many ingenious improvements from his own attentive and creative contemplation.

I've never looked back, and SI7 has produced some huge leaps in time-saving, ease-of-use, and enjoyment. For example, I had a name index with over 3,000 entries, many of which needed split (multiple names in a single main heading split into multiple main headings). With the Split feature, I turned it into a name index with over 5,000 entries in a couple of minutes. Probably saved me a whole day's work, maybe more. (Ty in Arizona)

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