Index Conversion Service (Convert PDF/Word/RTF indexes into format useable by indexing programs)

If the index you're working on requires that you start with terms used in a prior edition or any other index, SKY Index can now convert those indexes into a format that can be imported into SKY Index or your favorite indexing program.

What we do

We can take a formatted index that is in PDF format, MS Word format, or RTF format and convert those index entries into one of these formats:

For owners of SKY Index Professional

For Owners of CINDEX

For Owners of MACREX

What we can and can't do

Although we can convert most PDF and Word format indexes, there are exceptions.

What we can do:

What we currently cannot do:

What we charge:

For each index there is a charge of $35 plus 1 cent per index record1. If you wish to keep any bold and or italic headings or locators intact, there is an additional $10 charge.

How to contact us for an index conversion:

For questions about our service, just send an email to:

To request a conversion, please copy the form below into an email and send it to:

------------------------------- Copy everything below this line -----------------------------

*** Please do not forget to attach the index you want to have converted ***

Dear SKY Software,

I have attached the index I would like to be converted. I understand that there is a charge of $35 per index plus 1¢ per record. I also understand that if I want bold and italic formatting retained, that there will be an additional $10 charge and that the invoice for the conversion will be sent through and must be paid through PayPal. (NOTE: We do not accept checks for this service.)

When is the converted index needed? (Date and Time): 

In the line below I have specified if I would or would not like to retain bold and italic formatting. I understand there is a $10 charge for that service: 

My preferred email address for contact through PayPal is: 

Please specify the format you'd like to receive the converted file in (see above for descriptions of the file types) (sk8, sk7, skx, mbk, or dat): 

*** Please do not forget to attach the index you want to have converted ***

1 There is one record for each locator and each cross-reference in the index.