Frequently Asked Questions About SKY Index v4.0

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about SKY Index v4.0 and the corresponding answers.

Question: Why don't brackets, curly braces and quotes show up in macros?
Answer: If you want to put brackets, curly braces and quotes in your macros you need to put curly braces around these characters. For example to have a macro print [1990 - 1993] you would enter {[}1990 - 1993{]}.

Question: Why don't my macros show up when I press the function key for that macro?
Answer: Your macro probably has square brackets or curly braces in it. You need to enclose those characters in curly braces (see previous question). Also, read the Macro readme file included with SKY Index for more information and macro capabilities.

Question: Why don't my configured fonts appear when I view my index in WordPerfect?
Answer: You need to make sure that Novell WordPerfect has been selected as your word processor. Choose Specify Word Processor from the Options menu and then click select (Custom) as your word processor. This clears the word processor selection. Then select "Novell WordPerfect 6.x" as your word processor. Finally enter the path to WordPerfect if it did not get filled in automatically. Now re-generate your index.

Question: Why do the letters I type get rearranged when I am adding entries in the data entry grid?
Answer: You most likely are running SKY Index on a 33 MHz 486 or slower computer and SKY Index can not keep up with your typing. Try reducing the size of the data entry window. This reduces the amount of information that must be refreshed with each new entry you make.

Question: Why do I get the error 3022 (can't have a duplicate key) during data entry?
Answer: In versions of SKY Index prior to 4.0d this can be caused by a bug in the data entry grid. In this case you should order the latest update. If you have version 4.0d or higher some customers have found that it helps to reduce the size of the data entry window.

Question: Why do I get error 3202 (record locked by another user) while adding entries to my index?
Answer: The database engine that SKY Index uses requires file locking. File locking is provided by a program called "SHARE". Examine your AUTOEXEC.BAT file for an entry similar to: "C:\DOS\SHARE.EXE". If you have an entry similar to this make sure that it has the following switch "/L:500". For example "C:\DOS\SHARE.EXE /L:500". If it does not add this switch, save the file and reboot your computer. If it already has this switch check for other references to SHARE that don't and delete them. It is possible to have a reference to SHARE in the config.sys file also.

Question: Why do I get error 91 when creating a new file?
Answer: Most likely this is due to a corrupt or improper version of a dynamic link library. Delete the following files in your windows\system directory and then re-install SKY Index.

Files to delete:


Question: Why do I get error 91 (object variable not set) when trying to import a SKY Index 3.x or dBase database?
Answer: Another program you have installed has installed the Access version 2.0 database engine. (SKY Index ships with version 1.1). You need to order the Access 2.0 database engine from SKY Software. We charge only for shipping and handling and provide instructions on how to install the new database engine.

Question: Why does only part of my index appear when I view the index in my word processor?
Answer: You have inadvertently entered one or more right curly braces '}' without entering a corresponding left curly brace '{'. Use the search function to search for '}' in any field and either correct the entry, delete the curly brace or add the appropriate left curly brace. Then re-generate your index. If the problem still exists use the search function again to search for another right curly brace and so on. If you need to put curly braces in your index precede them with a forward slash "/".

Question: Why do I get a General Protection Fault (GPF) when starting SKY Index?
Answer: You most likely have a corrupt Custom Control file (.VBX file) or Dynamic Link Library (.DLL file). You should delete the files listed below from your "\windows\system" directory and then re-install SKY Index.

Files to delete from your c:\windows\system directory:


Question: Why do I get an Invalid File Format error when trying to configure my index or trying to use the Page Setup dialog?
Answer: You need to delete the following files from your "windows\system" directory and then re-install SKY Index.

Files to delete: spin.vbx, ssidxtab.vbx and threed.vbx.

Question: Why does my keyboard lock up randomly?
Answer: Most likely your keyboard is going bad. Try swapping with another keyboard or replace your keyboard.

Question: Why do I get an overflow error when printing a proofing report?
Answer: You need to order an update to SKY Index.

Question: Why do I get a type mismatch error during index generation?
Answer: Try resorting your database. Bring up your index configuration dialog and then choose a different sort method. Then put the sort method back to the method you wish to use. Finally click on OK. SKY Index will then re-sort your database. Now re-generate your index.

Question: Why can't I import my index RTF file into WordPerfect 5.1?
Answer: WordPerfect does not support Rich Text Format (RTF). Use must import your index as an ASCII text file.

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